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13/11/2006 00:00
ETCS - TMC - 24H SP.3.0
Mulas-Funaro-Formilli BMW M3 E46 Lingmann Motorsport

24H Special Nurburgring
Cappellari-Bryner-Calderari BMW E46 GTR Duller Motorsport

ETCS - TMC - 24H Special V8
Di Mario-Caldarola-Vaccari BMW M5 E39 Vaccari Motorsport

ETCS - TMC - 24H SP.O/3
Hardman-Leventis BMW M3 E46 EDM Motorsport

ETCS - SDC - 24H SP.2.0
12/11/2006 00:00
12/11/2006 00:00
It's the British duo Hardamn/Leventis (EDM Motorsport) the Silver Cup winner of the 16th 6hrs Vallelunga Race lapping the 4085 meters long Vallelunga track 184 times at an average of 124,657Km/h . Second and third the two M3s E 46 of the Austrian team Duller Motorsport with a gap of just above 21" and 1'40".
11/11/2006 00:00
British duo Hardman/Leventis (EDM Motorsport) gained pole position in the 6hrs Vallelunga Silver Cup. With an average of 146.275 km/h they coverd the 4085 meters long Vallelunga track in just 1'40"536, 1"771 better than their rivals Cappelletti/Della Volta/Liberati (Duller Motorsport). Third on the grig the San Marino trio...
10/11/2006 00:00
With the first free practice session, 2006 6 hrs Vallelunga race has just begun. With most of foreign team getting used with the track and all drivers looking for the right setup, no relevant times have been scored. The racing schedule includes two more free practice sessions tomorrow morning as well as the single 60 minutes qualifying session...
08/11/2006 00:00
07/11/2006 00:00
At the upcoming 6hrs Vallelunga race crews can now be up to four members. With a team newsletter, previous ban for more than three drivers per car has been removed. Nothing has changed though for the minimum of two drivers per crew.